July 13, 2024

Ackroll Steel Group Forges Strategic Partnership with Leading Automotive Manufacturer

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Ackroll Steel Group, a prominent supplier of high-quality steel products, today announced a strategic partnership with a leading automotive manufacturer in India. This collaboration will see Ackroll become a key supplier of specialized steel components for the manufacturer’s upcoming line of electric vehicles (EVs).

The partnership leverages Ackroll’s expertise in steel production and the automotive manufacturer’s commitment to sustainable transportation. The specialized steel components supplied by Ackroll will be crucial in ensuring the structural integrity, safety, and performance of the EVs. This collaboration aligns with the growing demand for electric vehicles in India and the government’s push towards cleaner mobility solutions.

“We are proud to partner with a leading automotive manufacturer in their journey towards a greener future,” said Vijay Makwana, founder of Ackroll Steel Group. “This partnership not only strengthens our position in the steel industry but also showcases our commitment to supporting the growth of the Indian automotive sector and its transition towards sustainable practices.”

The partnership is expected to create new avenues for growth and innovation for both companies. Ackroll’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, coupled with the automotive manufacturer’s reputation for excellence, promises a fruitful collaboration that will drive advancements in the EV industry.

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