April 12, 2024

Hatha vidhi A NO SCRIPT FILM By Team Kaaraboondhi

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A NO SCRIPT FILM- sounds impossible, foolish and a failure recipe right? But Team Kaaraaboondhi feels they have achieved it!!!

The young actors these days are in for impromptu film making. Because their day wont start without looking into that tiny screen which gives them access to The whole universe. They build their own universe using that mobile and access movies and films from all over the world and can learn from their favourite actors.

So Team Kaaraaboondhi felt they could become a catalyst to enhance their abilities and come up with a plan that challenges them. .“We chose the best in town actors (we should call them film makers in fact) who can act without any preparation, told them the plan and the DOP who records the scene in mind first and then on his camera. And that’s all, the Recipe for the movie was ready and we cooked it in 16 days at a stretch” Says Kalaam Vamshii the brain behind this project.

It must be sounding simple but a movie without pre-production is a big hustle and an important task as the day 1 started with  confusion for all the actors. They were not sure what they were going to do and what their role would be in the film. All they know is we should make it big and entertaining.

Most of the shoot was in the night so all the cast and crew visited the location at around 4pm. Kalaam used to explain the scene to them and then give a rough dialogue version which the actors used to develop by owning the situation, hence the naturality in the dialogues. The team used to do a master shot first to give AMAR (DOP OF THIS PROJECT)  time to analyse the location and shots he would plan for the scene and Alas!!! He used to amaze everyone with his lighting and Blocking. “ The shoot happened every night until the sun peeps into the location and reminds us to rest and again the shoot used to resume at 4pm daily” says Amar.

16 days of team’s Hard Work (yes!!! a lot of hard work with less crew and minimum budget where in the lead actor sometimes used to pick and drop the actors from city to the shoot location which is around 80 kms, no proper food due to the remote locations and then time constraints caused by the budget constraints and we faced a lot more dramatic and filmy situations while trying to finish the project) from the entire team made them get an output that would fall in risk if properly not edited as there was no scope of patch work since the locations were free and the pockets were empty. So they hired Mr.Prasaad Gaaru who works for Praveen Pudi sir and he did a tremendous Job in making the output crispy, clear and interesting .

And last but not least the Music!!! What Can i say about Sudha Srinivas…He brought life to this script by adding emotions through his instruments making it a low budget master piece!!!

Kaaraaboondhi’s approach towards the film and the team’s dedication made few of their well wishers such as Adwitiya Movies, Hritivi Kanumuri Productions and Loop Entertainments to come forward and invest wherever needed to finely carve our project into an Impressive feature film that would surely entertain the audience…

Finally “ The script of the movie is a film  by film makers for filmmakers about the struggles they face in making a film!!!! And we are sure they’ll love it and acknowledge it!!!!” says Kalaam Vamshii.

The Soul Behind Hatha vidhi- Team Kaaraaboondhi

Team Kaaraaboondhi is all about WRITING!!! Writing for NO budgets Writing for Low Budgets and Writing the Budgets that tend to infinity..ha ha. The team has no barriers in its imagination while the Showrunner for them Kalaam analyses the market and makes the Project come alive.

Team Kaaraboondhi under the supervision of Kalaam has Co-Produced two projects GD (G for Gunde D for Dammu) with Highlight Visuals and Hatha Vidhi with Adwitiya Movies, Loop Entertainments and Hritvi Production, for these concepts have their own unique style which shall surely entertain the Audience. Also a special mention to the Project named 1134 which is a NO Budget movie directed by Sharath chandra Tadimeti for which Team Kaaraaboondhi has Collaborated with RamDhuni Creations.

Started as one man’s vision, Team Kaaraboondhi is now 10 in number. Each member of the team has their own unique style of filmmaking, writing and Producing the films. Hoping to make it big the Team is collaborating with various producers all over the world.


Kalaam Vamshii… There’s nothing much great about this Man when compared to the strugglers, Hustlers and Successful filmmakers in the industry. Trying to make his Mark in the Industry Kalaam is giving his best in supporting talented filmmakers by getting funds from producers, co-producing under the Team Kaaraaboondhi banner or writing and assisting other writers in making their scripts come to reality.

His belief in the point that you gotta be unique to make it big made him come up with a plan of a challenging yet achievable NON SCRIPTED FILM HATHA VIDHI. He decided to pool the best of his known actors and do this experimental project at a very low budget and present it to the audience.

His belief became a religion to his teammates who not only acted in it but also have improvised their own part of scenes in the movie but also directed when and wherever possible making Hathavidhi a first of its kind movie with no script and no director.

“Soon we are producing a movie where there shall be 52 writers who shall write 52 scenes for the same movie and I am about to direct it” Says Kalaam Vamshi.

Kalaam would like to mention special thanks to everyone especially Mr Kiran Kallakuri the Co-Producer for Hatha vidhi who met Kalaam Online and promised to help Kalaam finish the project by financially supporting wherever needed.

He says his friends Surya Chandra and Ajay Kanumuri have made his weird (or may be crazy plan) make it to the final level by funding him whenever needed and has always trusted him  no matter how and what level of confusions were created.

He adds “ A mother’s struggle to give birth to a baby by almost breaking herself is the biggest struggle on this planet and hence my struggle to make a film is not worth mentioning”.

Kalaam Vamshi did his Masters in Business Administration from OU and was working overseas for a couple of years. His passion towards filmmaking drove him back to India and co-produce GD ( G for Gunde,  D for Dammu) which is a directorial debut of his childhood  friend and mentor Ajju Mahakali ( iiy peru chaana yellu yaadh untadhi) and also supported 1134 A NO BUDGET FILM.

THE FUEL BEHIND HATHA VIDHI…..Narsing aka Akash aka The Wadekar

Look at this man and you fear him…Talk to him and you will love him…..Narsing wadekar is a very sensible actor with a strong vision and zeal to make it big on screen….being from  non film background yet trust in Industry and in himself, Wadekar would want to prove that he can entertain and win the heart of audience.

When told about the concept of NO SCRIPTED FILM HATHA VIDHI by kalaam Vamshi, Narsing was one among those who felt excited and took it to the next level by convincing all his friends cum aspiring actors. Though sceptical about the idea, the trust in him made his friends give a try to this crazy idea.

Akash not only acted in this film but also has directed and executed this project with a minimal crew and made it look no lesser than a decent budget film which shall not only enthral but also land the audience in a laughter riot.

Akash and Kalaam have known each other for 15 years and Akash was a student of Kalaam’s mother during his childhood.  “ While I was attending tuitions at his home, I used to see Kalaam waking up from his room and doing push ups and eating loads of eggs and was never sure what is the purpose of Kalaam on this planet.But now I feel we met for a reason and share the same dream…OF MAKING FILMS”

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