July 22, 2024

Saaniya Jackson — A Role Model Powerful Woman In The Lead Loved By Thousands Of People In A Short Time

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On international women’s day we are not just cherishing this young Brand Maker & Face of SJ Diamond World
but also sharing her inspirational story to the world

Saaniya Jackson her fans & soul family call her SJ is a compelling figure who has emerged as a role model for the coming generations. Her journey is both inspiring and revolutionary, as she has broken barriers and shattered glass ceilings in the fields of worlds most complex fields “Gemstone & Diamond Industry “

Building a brand during a sensitive time like the COVID-19 pandemic requires a unique set of skills and a keen understanding of the changing market dynamics. The entrepreneur must be able to adapt quickly to the changing consumer preferences and behavior in order to stay relevant and competitive in the market Saaniya takes all of these challenges and proves herself not just an expert of brand maker but also a very sturdy and mature at her visions for a brand .

Saaniya Jackson, formerly known as a fantastic western english singer who held several awards for her amazing singing skills, has now transitioned into a new chapter of her life, where she is known for her spectacular spiritual guidance done for her clients and soul family. This transition from a renowned singer to a dedicated Lightworker that what she is now becoming..

Saaniya most of the time praises her mother for being so supportive and understanding in her journey , Whatever i am today i am grateful for my mother cause she supported and teaches me throughout the journey .. My mom use to tell me that a women need to be self independent in all of her life’s sections she should be capable to manage her lifestyle and needs she don’t need to be dependent on anyone neither on her father nor on her husband saaniya added

I watched my mother working throughout my high school days she was a professional seamstress and i watched her hardwork throughout my teenage days .. my mother is the idealistic woman of my life
she keeps pushing my confidence by her amazing positive vibes and here i am today Saaniya says

Saaniya and her soul family contains mostly women and her soul family love her very much by all the testimonials and reviews her clients send its overwhelming her team of sj diamond world says they have 90% clients who are females from different cities of india whenever our client receives their order a big message of loving words come that fills our heart and we are so proud to be a women’s brand , the team of sj diamond world also have mostly female members so that the communication is comfortable for their client communication .

we focus on communication our work is all depend on understanding the person requirements, being a female and being able to understand the consumer vision , and we want to maintain our this vision in future as well by having a strong team that contains only females .

her vision for women is very strong and board ,
I believe that our society is still very complex when it comes to a female who is independently working and rising , people still have very limited opportunities for females mostly females are still facing issues after graduation for their higher education rest all go under the tantrums of getting married and pressure of having kids life is too bound and i personally see this happening, we received 100s of readings and half of them are those women’s who are actually struggling with their marriages

marriage and having family is all important parts of a females life i also have such dreams but yes ofcourse getting recognised and respected in career is also important parts of our life this what we actually dream about it.. every female deserves this moment .. saaniya added

women is powerful if she wants to become something she will and nobody can’t stop her but we need to push her with some motivation and freedom

on women’s day we salute a board mindset of saaniya jackson and wish her all the luck & glory to for her future success.

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