July 22, 2024

Thavikiren” is a heartfelt Tamil music

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“Thavikiren” is a heartfelt Tamil music video released by “360 Entertainment Productions” on February 16th. Written, directed, composed, and sung by A R Sai, the collaboration spans three countries Singapore, Malaysia, and India featuring music by Ztish and vocals by Maanasi G Kannan.

The video, starring Murali Murugan, Malathi Sivagami, and Vedavalli, tells the story of a prisoner longing for family in his final moments. Despite language and cultural differences, “Thavikiren” resonates universally, highlighting the enduring power of love.


The emotional narrative and heartfelt melody serve as a powerful reminder to viewers about the significant influence of human connections.

Music Video Thavikiren : https://youtu.be/9l4uCVk0GPU

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