May 26, 2024
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                              Hi everyone, I am Aliya Sayyed. Born on 24 August.My native place is Chikodi dist: Belgaum. I have passed my SSLC in K.K.English medium school and passed my PUC in B.K College Chikodi. Right now I’m studying in a BSC Basavajyoti Degree College Nanadi. My father is A.C Mechanic. My mother is a Fashion Designer and Mehndi Artist. My younger Brother is an Accountant in Hyderabad and lastly 17 month cute dashing baby boy name Zorays.

                             My hobby is learning new things in any field like, to know the reasons behind physics phenomena, environmental changes, rural and state development, key points of entrepreneurs for their successful business etc. As I’m a science student, I love to learn more about physics. Apart from this education I’m kindly interested in making handicrafts, woolen wears, embroidery patterns, painting, drawing and many more.

                          I have successfully written a book and story by myself and collaborated with an Author Aadil Shah Choudhary. Book name is “ HEARTSTRINGS INTERTWINED: THE JOURNEY OF ETERNAL LOVE”. The imaginary story makes everyone dive into the world of imagination of love of various kinds and the message that Education and Skills are keenly important in everyone’s life especially for teen girls to those women who have strength in body till death arrive. Successfully launched on 18 January 2024. And awarded as “The Best StoryTeller Of the year” in 2024. Among many of the dreams, one dream I have succeeded as an Author. Further I want to serve my nation and my family with my talents and hardwork.

                              I’m a very kind hearted and free minded girl. Problem solver for needy and unmotivated people. I’m an adventurous girl and nature lover. I like to make various types of foods and “Foodie Lover” too, fond of making varieties of foods and my speciality is Starters (Veg and Non-Veg) and Chats. I’m a fashion lover girl within the boundaries of Islam. I like to sing only religious songs for God. I’m Mehndi Artist as well as Fashion Designer. I like to go on outings and campaigns to view the beauty of nature. I dislike Arrogant, Attitude, Lier and Unmotivated people. I dislike Clubs, Parties and Dance. I don’t like to spend money unnecessarily.

                            Lastly giving a message to everyone one that Be thankful every time to God giving such a precious life to us, the two more precious things has gifted us is Healthy body and Wealthy mind through which you can get a excellent level of Achievement from any part of the world so get up guys don’t lose hopes and achieve your own dream goals….Be happy and keep on smile on the face.

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