June 13, 2024

Experience Adventure and Luxury Both with Everest Base CampHelicopter Trek

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Do you want to get an adventurous experience of the Everest Base Camp trek but worry about the related physical challenges? You should try the Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return. The specialty of this trekking package is that trekkers may return from the base camp via a helicopter ride. The helicopter return journey gives an exhilarating end to your expedition to the Everest region.

Who Can Undergo the Tour

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek package is perfect for every individual, who has a limited schedule. When you trek the routes of the Everest Base Camp and return by following the same path, you need about 11 days to 14 days to complete. Also, if you walk at the fastest possible speed, you will finish your EBC trek up to 10 days by trekking and walking across the region. The classic trek is not possible for any time-bound trekker.

On the other hand, Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return tour package considers this aspect well. The trekking package thus fits perfectly for time-limit travelers. The trek lets you land in either Kathmandu or Lukla based on your chosen itinerary to end your journey. However, you will complete your tour within only 5 or 6 days regardless of your chosen end destination. 

Furthermore, the trek involves a return journey by following a helicopter tour. Indeed, the package is perfect for all, who often avoid facing the challenges of physical walking and trekking. What would be better than experiencing adventure with the luxury in terms of a stunning helicopter return journey?

The Best Time to Choose the Trek

Whether you choose the classic EBC tour or the special Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return you must know the best time to visit Nepal before planning your trip. When you possess good knowledge, you may schedule your trekking trail with please.

Nepal has different seasons, which are Summer, Monsoon, Winter, Spring, and Autumn. Among the available options, Autumn and Spring are the best time to explore the regions of Mount Everest.

As new life begins in the Spring season, many forest and hilly regions across the Everest Base Camp regain their lost lushness and greeneries. Likewise, the Autumn season has nature’s beauty at its peak.

If this is not enough, both Autumn and Spring have mild temperatures and calm weather. During such times, travelers experience moderate climatic conditions without excessive cold or hot. Indeed, both Autumn and Spring thus constitute the perfect time to experience your Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek.

Why Autumn and Spring Seasons are Preferable

The routes associated with the luxury Heli Trek surround stunning vegetation with unique plants and colorful flowers. On the other hand, you will be accompanied by a few mesmerizing views of various high mountain peaks during your entire journey.

Moreover, both Spring and Autumn months in Nepal have bright days with a clear sky to give you an incredible aerial view. If this is not enough, the occurrence of snowfall and rainfall is relatively low during the Autumn and Spring seasons in Nepal. Hence, travelers have a relatively low chance of their flight delays and ticket cancellations.

Specialties of the Trekking Package

The Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return package has the following unique features to entice worldwide tourists-

Amazing Experience of Your Life

You will trek the complete trail to the Mount Everest base camp and flow back in your hired helicopter to get breathtaking views of the surrounding majestic peaks. The entire journey will give you adventure and various stunning vistas followed by an amazing lifetime experience.

Involves Both Adventure and Luxury

EBC trek with a helicopter flight return is the perfect option for all, who want both adventure and luxury features in their journey. The thrilling expedition will give you a unique and unforgettable experience of the entire Himalayan landscape. Especially, you will get a trekking adventure to view the mighty Mount Everest.

Simultaneously, you will get a rewarding feeling by completing your helicopter journey. This is so, you will fly back on the rivers, mountains, and glaciers to enjoy a few close-up views of the snow-covered Himalayan mountains from your helicopter treks.

Multiple Trekking Destinations

As mentioned before, the helicopter tour limits the number of days you spend in trekking and mountain trailing activities. However, your opportunities to trek will not end completely. Instead, you will get a chance to go through different trek routes and explore multiple trekking destinations, including the renowned Everest Base Camp trek.

Luxury Lodges

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek does much more than only save your time and efforts or reducing the days and involved trekking challenges. The package offers you many luxury lodges to get a comfortable and luxurious stay in Nepal. Also, you may enjoy a few local dishes and learn about various things related to the culture of local area people. Once you are done with trekking, you will fly back to Lukla or Kathmandu over glaciers and mountains by enjoying many unbeatable views.


The Everest Base Camp route will let you explore the Mount Everest base region. The helicopter trek to EBC is an excellent alternative for individuals who may not climb Everest because of a limited period or a few health problems. The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek will give you breathtaking views of the surrounding sceneries with a stylish return in a helicopter. Traverse via the same mountain trails as you do in the classic EBC package and experience luxurious flights back to the mountain.

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