May 26, 2024

A Young And Aspirant Business Magnate – Mustafa Bharmal

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Mustafa Bharmal is amongst top sales funnels experts from India. Born on 3rd October 2003, Mustafa always wondered of providing consistent client flow to the businesses, as he knew the pain of having an empty calendar with no business enquiries. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he majorly emphasised on working on a solution for businesses that never makes them run out of customers.

Keeping in mind the pain of businesses losing sales, way back in 2020, Mustafa started his own marketing agency named Focktix and crafted a client acquisition system that keeps businesses loaded with highly sales qualified clients and appointments daily. He develops top notch sales funnels for businesses that creates an ease for closing deals and increases the efficiency of the entire business.

With his hyper targeted marketing strategies, he has closed $61K worth of sales for his clients and aims at giving back the highest possible ROI (Return On Investment). He majorly deals with businesses & companies from the United States, UK, and Canada. Having a powerful team with him at Focktix, he focuses the most on the results delivery, and client satisfaction is his first priority.

Mustafa is always pushing the boundaries and reaching new heights. He makes himself fit in his client’s shoes and develops personalised plans for each of them. Concluding that, he believes that every business has the potential to stack up and scale, and he helps them in achieving their desired goals and makes the deal lucrative.

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