May 21, 2024

Infrakeys Technologies: Streamlining Steel Procurement for Infrastructure Projects in India

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Infrakeys Technologies LLP, a company established in August 2023 by Mr. Ankit Goyal, is addressing a critical need in India’s booming infrastructure sector – streamlined steel procurement. Unlike traditional suppliers, Infrakeys offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond just sourcing steel.

Recognizing the challenges faced by construction companies in acquiring high-quality steel at competitive prices, Infrakeys provides a platform that connects them directly with trusted steel manufacturers. This eliminates unnecessary middlemen, ensuring transparency in pricing and faster turnaround times.

Infrakeys prioritizes quality by partnering only with reputable steel mills across India. They offer a comprehensive range of steel products to cater to various infrastructure projects, including:

  • Structural Steel
  • Rebars
  • TMT Bars
  • Plates & Sheets
  • Pipes & Tubes

Infrakeys employs a team of steel experts to assist clients in selecting the most suitable steel grade for their specific project needs. This not only optimizes costs but also ensures structural integrity and project longevity.

Infrakeys leverages technology to simplify the steel procurement process. Their online platform allows customers to browse product catalogs, request quotes, and track order fulfillment – all in a user-friendly interface. This enhances transparency and streamlines communication between construction companies and steel suppliers.

Understanding the financial constraints often faced in large-scale infrastructure projects, Infrakeys offers flexible payment options and explores channel financing solutions to ease the burden on construction companies.

Infrakeys Technologies LLP is well-positioned to be a valuable partner in India’s ambitious infrastructure development plans. Their commitment to innovation and client satisfaction makes them a leading force in streamlining the steel supply chain for a stronger infrastructure sector.

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