May 26, 2024

Dr. Viinay Sarikonda Appointed As India Trade Commissioner for Brazil & Latin American Caribbean Countries.

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Dr. Viinay Sarikonda, appointed as India’s Trade Commissioner for Brazil and the Latin American Caribbean Countries on September 9th during the G20 events in New Delhi, Bharat, by High Commission of Latin American.This is dedicated to strengthening historical ties and fostering bilateral relations. His mission is to elevate trade and business connectivity to new heights between India and the Latin American Caribbean Countries. Dr. Sarikonda aims to facilitate international trade agreements and export trade programs, with a primary focus on industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Technologies, farming, poultry, food Processing, meat processing, and agricultural collaborations. He also seeks to identify opportunities for bolstering the country’s infrastructure, particularly in the establishment of educational institutions and hospitals. Additionally, Dr. Sarikonda intends to promote tourism and film productions between India and the Latin American Caribbean Countries while fostering IT development to enhance cooperation between these regions.

The Latin American Caribbean Federation of India (LACFI) is working on building bilateral trade relations by assisting Indian companies that are looking at various projects coming up in the Latin American region for promoting growth in commerce and trade, especially in Indian Pharma which is likely to increase.

The opportunities available for the Indian businessmen in areas of mining, solar energy, tourism, hospitality sector and also education collaborations.

The Latin American Caribbean Trade office is responsible for Promoting Investment and Growth in collaboration with the Ministries of trade and commerce of various latin American countries and their governments and trade promotion departments.
The office in india will be under the embassies of various Latin American Caribbean embassies in New Delhi.
We are planning to open 24 Offices in 24 states. To Promote Small Scale industries to export and these small scale industries will be supported by Govt Schemes by Central Government of india.
We are Opening Head office in Park Place Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE. This office will Provide all types of Global Trades for Importers and Exporters.

The delegation of the Latin American Caribbean Federation of India is taking a delegation to Mexico and other parts of South America on 24 Sep 2023 To 30 sep 2023 to strengthen mechanisms created for enabling these trade opportunities between India and the Latin American region.

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