June 25, 2024

Genius Personified, Srikar Chitta a child author who has made his mark in the field of literature.

Srikar Chitta

Srikar Chitta

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In the bustling world of kid bloggers, Srikar Chitta, an imaginative Grade 8 student from Cambridge, stands out as a passionate writer, an avid learner, and a tech enthusiast. But beyond his academic pursuits, Srikar’s true superpower lies in his ability to craft worlds with his words.

Srikar, a young and aspiring student, finds joy in reading, exploring new technologies, and delving into the realms of science and nature. However, his heart beats strongest when he’s immersed in writing. For him, writing is not just a hobby; it’s a channel for his thoughts, emotions, and a powerful means to raise awareness on various issues.

For Srikar, writing is an art of expression, a journey into creativity where he becomes the architect of his own universe. In his crafted worlds, gravity need not exist, and the laws of physics can bend at his will. Through his stories, he breathes life into characters, orchestrates wars and peace, and spreads love and happiness among his readers.

From a young age, Srikar dreamt of becoming an author, a dream he diligently pursues. His dedication has borne fruit with the publication of two solo books and contributions to 16 anthologies. Some of his notable works, like ‘Devil in Disguise’ and ‘Three Sides of a Coin,’ have garnered attention in online platforms and competitions, showcasing his prowess.

Srikar’s literary prowess hasn’t gone unnoticed. The young writer has bagged awards such as ‘BTB Storyteller of the Year-2020’ and clinched the top spot in the Kid Engage short story competition 2020. Beyond certificates, his ultimate joy lies in knowing that people are reading and enjoying his stories.

One of Srikar’s notable works is “The Odious Orphanage of Pape City.” In this gripping tale, readers follow Chris as he navigates the sinister corridors of the “House of Victory” orphanage, facing an evil warden, mean-spirited children, and unsavory punishments. The narrative weaves suspense, humor, and unexpected twists, ensuring that readers are hooked from start to finish.

As Srikar Chitta continues to carve his path as a young wordsmith, one can’t help but be captivated by the worlds he creates and the impact his stories have on readers of all ages. Stay tuned for more adventures from this teen prodigy who wields the pen like a magic wand, creating enchanting worlds one story at a time.

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