June 25, 2024

Meet young & dynamic Author, Counselor and Motivational Speaker – SINGH SAAB

Singh Saab

Singh Saab

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SINGH SAAB, The man with ambition. He struggled a lot and is still struggling with himself. He is also a role model of the upcoming generation. He has updated himself with the generation and has even brought himself up as a social media influencer. Professionally he is a software engineer. But he started his journey as a motivational speaker. He saw lots of ups and downs in his career as well as in his life.

He usually follows his desi style so that everyone can relate to him. He doesn’t want to show off anything. According to him ‘After wearing a suit i will look professional but no one will relate to me. I want everyone to relate with me. Like I’m his colleague, friend, uncle, brother so I usually wear desi style clothes, just like a politician. Any politician can afford very good clothes but still they wear Kurta Payjama because his voters need to relate to him’.

Now he is running a firm Follow S, Here ‘S’ in Follow S stands for struggle, success and his father’s name and also his ex girlfriend’s name (reports). 

He is devoted to his work. His reviews are awesome. Most of his client responded positively. 
SINGH SAAB & his team deal with a client who is Depressed, having anxiety issues, stress management, overcoming overthinking, negative thinking and helping in improving mental health. He also helps in career and relationship issues. 

SINGH SAAB has impressive learning potential. His social service work is frequently cited as one of the most stressful paths but he believes passion is the fuel to success. Everyone has their own ways of getting started in life.

He started his career at an early age. When he was in his second year of engineering, he started motivating. His speaking skill helped him to grow. He definitely saw lots of struggle but he made himself stone hearted and kept his dream alive. 

Keeping up with the modern world SINGH SAAB has a well-defined social media presence.
His novel ‘The Motivator’ did a very good job in the market. His novel is available online on Amazon & Flipkart.

No doubt he is also doing this as a social service, because his charges are very low so that everyone can afford it. His dream is not to earn money. His dream is to build a healthy society especially mental health. 

His way of explaining anything is outstanding. His clients are very happy. He is not only a counselor but also a good friend. 

His suggestions are very helpful and effective. 
SINGH SAAB is India’s one of the best counselor. He is an Author, Career Counsellor Relationship Counsellor & Motivational Speaker.

You can also contact SINGH SAAB & His team for counseling. His charges are pocket friendly. 

You can just email @ follows2023@gmail.com or whatsapp 75420 96306 for online or offline counselling.

You can have online counselling through phone call or video call easily. 

You can also connect to SINGH SAAB & Team through social media.

Instagram :- www.instagram.com/follow_s2023

Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/follows23?mibextid=ZbWKwL

YouTube :- www.youtube.com/@FollowS2023

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