June 13, 2024

MyGold Introduces Digital Gold Products for Indian Investors

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MyGold, has launched a suite of digital gold products tailored for Indian investors. Spearheaded by CEO Mr. Amol Bansal, MyGold aims to revolutionize gold investment by offering unparalleled growth opportunities.

The company promises an impressive 16% annual growth on gold assets, transforming idle gold into a dynamic source of passive income. This innovative model ensures that gold appreciates by 5% annually without requiring additional investment. MyGold’s offerings are designed to mobilize India’s 25,000 tonnes of dormant gold, aligning with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ and contributing to the goal of a USD 5 trillion economy.

Among the key products are customizable Gold-Saving Plans that foster a strong saving culture and zero-cost online selling platforms for jewelers, enabling them to seamlessly transition to the digital marketplace. MyGold also offers cash against gold at a low interest rate of 0.35% per month and provides jewelry manufacturers access to gold at 0.75% per month. All transactions are secured with cutting-edge blockchain technology, ensuring trust and transparency.

Mr. Sugandh Chhetri and Mr. Sijal Hussain, key team members, are instrumental in implementing these innovative solutions. MyGold is dedicated to pioneering gold mobilization, sustainable growth, and empowering communities. With a commitment to excellence in service, MyGold aims to redefine gold not just as a symbol of wealth, but as a powerful economic tool for growth and prosperity.

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