June 25, 2024

“Narendra Kumar Yadav: First Civil Servant Appointed FIT INDIA Ambassador!”

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Meet Narendra Kumar Yadav, the dynamic face of India’s fitness revolution. From becoming the youngest Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer to now leading the charge as the brand ambassador for the Fit India movement, Yadav’s journey is one of resilience and inspiration.

At a remarkably young age, Yadav made history by acing the civil services examination, setting the stage for a remarkable career dedicated to public service. His passion for fitness and wellness is equally impressive. Beyond his IRS duties, Yadav has emerged as a vocal advocate for holistic health practices, especially among the youth.

“I firmly believe that a healthy nation is a prosperous nation,” says Yadav, expressing his gratitude and enthusiasm for his new role as the brand ambassador for the Fit India movement. “Together, let us embark on this journey towards a fitter and healthier India.”

Through his social media presence and engaging talks, Yadav is igniting a nationwide movement towards a fitter, healthier India. Narendra Kumar Yadav’s story is not just about achieving milestones; it’s about inspiring millions to prioritize their physical and mental well-being. Join him on this exhilarating journey towards a healthier India.

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Jitendra Kumar
Jitendra Kumar is an Indian journalist and social activist from Hathras in Uttar Pradesh is known as the senior journalist and founder of Xpert Times Network Private Limited.

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