June 25, 2024

New Song Kahaaniya is released by Meenakshi Pange

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Hindi song artist singer Meenakshi Pange’s new song “Kahaaniya” has been released recently. Meenakshi Pange’s very melodious voice has been heard in this song and the lyrics of the song are very beautiful and the music is also very powerful.

The song has been composed by Meenakshi Pange.

Talking about the video, it has been directed by Saima Abbasi.

In the video, Gaurav Kaushik, Hiba Treblesi, Yana Stroke and Meenakshi Pange are seen acting in a very good style.

As soon as the song is released, it is getting very good response from the audience.

Let us tell you that the music production in the song has been done by Groove Bhai, while the work of videography, editing and DOP has been done by S Bilal. Along with these, Team Sparkle by Saima was the makeover partner.

Prior this song, the other songs of Meenakshi Pange had been released and all of them were hits.

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