June 13, 2024

OBI9 Fosters Love of Reading with Ahmedabad School Partnerships

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OBI9, the renowned publishing house, has joined forces with local schools in Ahmedabad to ignite a passion for reading among young learners. Through a series of collaborative initiatives, OBI9 aims to create vibrant reading communities within schools and nurture a lifelong love of literature.

The partnership involves donating books and educational materials to school libraries, organizing author visits and workshops, and conducting reading challenges and competitions. By providing access to diverse and engaging literature, OBI9 hopes to inspire children to explore new worlds and ideas through the power of words.

“We believe that reading is a fundamental building block for personal growth and academic success,” said Govind Singh Sikarwar, CEO of OBI9. “By partnering with schools, we can create an environment where children are encouraged to read for pleasure and discover the joy of storytelling.”

The initiative has been met with enthusiasm from both educators and students, who recognize the importance of reading in developing critical thinking, creativity, and empathy. OBI9’s commitment to promoting literacy aligns with its mission to empower young minds and contribute to a brighter future for India.

The company plans to expand its school partnerships across Gujarat, ensuring that more children have access to quality literature and the resources they need to become lifelong readers.

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