May 26, 2024

Press conference: “Miracle does happen and heartily thanking one of my good friends, Tanya Yadav without whom my 12th journey wouldn’t have been possible”- said Shanu Mishra

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On Monday, Shanu opens up about all the secrets of his study life towards social media through press conference.
As we all know that CBSE class 12th results got declared on previous Friday after which shanu broke out with tears and excitement after he got to know that he passed with good marks which he haven’t expected at all. Some people also got in shock after knowing this news. Some said ‘It’s truly a miracle’ and some said ‘our confidence is boosten up now’.

SM said, “As many people know that I took U-turn from study platforms and decided to transform my passion into profession after completing my matriculation in year 2021.
I used to be A+ student since 10th in my schooling days. I scored 96.7% in my 10th preboards, but unfortunately Covid rapidly raised across nation after preboards and the final examination got cancelled. Schools were asked to pass every students by giving them percentile on their own will. You’d be shocked to know I got unexpected less percentile after which I got demotivated and decided to take u-turn and make my career in modeling/acting. It was tough starting in new platform but got blessed with a few things which made me survive. After two year’s continuous learning and hard work, I got to know that I’m shortlisted to debut for Mr.India contest. Now in Feb 2023, my 12th boards’ exams came near and I decided to appear in boards because I never believed in quitting before try.

Normally, I appeared in Viva/practical exams conducted in my school without studying since past two years, not even knowing the chapters, syllabus etc. Fortunately, I came in connection with one person(say: lucky charm for me)from my class which was the blessing part of my 12th journey. Exams came close, still I was not studying anything even she was forcing me to. On exam day, I appeared in exam hall with chill mood without knowing the single topic from my syllabus. But still I believed she’s going to show me her paper in every exams as my seat was just backbench to her and she did the same. A few of my early learnings, confidence and determination also worked to make me win the race of 12th by passing it with good marks.”
“Never stop believing on yourself and some people around you”.
“Try and Fail but never Fail to Try”.

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