July 22, 2024

Pride International School Unveils Innovative Learning Environment

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Narkatiaganj’s educational landscape recently witnessed a significant development with the inauguration of Pride International School. This co-educational, CBSE-affiliated English medium school promises a revolutionary approach to learning, fostering not just academic excellence but also holistic student development.

What truly sets Pride International School apart is its leadership team. Unlike traditional schools, they boast a management board comprised of accomplished CEOs and Vice Presidents from multinational corporations across the globe (Bangalore, USA, UK, and Australia). This unique combination of experience and fresh perspectives translates into a cutting-edge curriculum and a forward-thinking approach to education.

Learning Goes Beyond Textbooks:

Pride International School prioritizes a well-rounded learning experience. Their classrooms are not confined to textbooks and rote memorization.

Smart Classrooms: Embracing the power of technology, the school integrates interactive smart classrooms. These dynamic spaces utilize digital tools and engaging visuals to ignite students’ curiosity and enhance information retention.

Robotics Lab: Pride International School recognizes the importance of fostering innovation in young minds. Their dedicated robotics lab introduces students to the fascinating world of robotics, sparking an early interest in science, technology, engineering,

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