May 26, 2024

Published research books with ISBN in computer science, Psychology, human rights, biology and education / litracy by Prof Dr M Sreedhar & Dr Ch Gayathri

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Prof dr M Sreedhar and Dr Gayathri are from Andhra pradesh and basically research scholars and Authors.

They have spend nearly 6 years and conducted research in different verticals including human rights and education / literacy, by going through many research articles published by many research scholars worldwide and redefined the few definitions, and initially they focused on research articles and produced many research articles in national/ international journals, later part started focused on preparing the draft copy for publication, and after careful review by the publishers, they have published the books with ISBN and linked to Amazon for the post publication activities..

The books including Published Research Book on “ Long Held Silence; Domestic Violence against Women,a call for Justice” and Published with ISBN 978-81-19291-00-7

Published Research Book on “ The Critical Study of
Enzymes ” and Published with ISBN No 978-93-95699-39-6 In March 2023

Published Research Book on“ Computational Biology For
Beginners” and published in March 2023 with ISBN 978-93-95699-60-0

Published Research Book on “The Way of Forgiveness Works Leading to a Better Life” ( Covered Social movements and its impacts) ” and Published in March 2023 With ISBN No 978-93-95699-74-7

Published Research Book on “ A Security Perspective through
Cloud Computing “, Published in March 2023 With ISBN 978-93-95699-37-2

While speaking to our correspondent, they expressed their happiness and coming up with 6 different books in different verticals and also stated that, with motivation of people from society, they focus more on coming up with more research articles and publications in Human rights and education/ litracy, on that way the society could be served better..

Their motto is Social balancing through research books and research articles.

They also stated that, they wrote many research books and published good research articles in the past in the areas of human rights, education/ litracy.

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