June 13, 2024

Regal Fusion: Royal Muse By Sukhman Unveils Its Latest Collection

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Amritsar, India – May 19, 2024

In a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, Royal Muse By Sukhman, founded by Mrs. Sukhmanpreet Kaur in 2017, has unveiled its latest collection, drawing inspiration from the opulent Mughal era. With a seamless fusion of regal attire and contemporary cuts, the collection showcases intricate embroidery and rich fabrics, promising to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

“Our latest collection is a tribute to the grandeur of the Mughal dynasty, reimagined for the modern woman,” says Mrs. Sukhmanpreet Kaur, the visionary founder behind Royal Muse By Sukhman. “We have meticulously crafted each piece, ensuring a perfect harmony of heritage and innovation.”

Specializing in an array of luxurious fabrics including cotton, crepe, silk, and organza, Royal Muse By Sukhman offers a diverse range of wears, from casual ensembles to exquisite bridal attire. Hand embroidery remains the brand’s hallmark, with skilled artisans meticulously creating unique designs and striking color combinations.

Anticipating upcoming trends, Royal Muse By Sukhman predicts a surge in demand for summer suits, blending ethnic motifs with contemporary silhouettes, alongside formal ghararas and shararas, exuding timeless elegance.

While collaborations and partnerships are not on the immediate horizon, the brand is set to host a pop-up event soon, offering customers an exclusive opportunity to experience the essence of Royal Muse By Sukhman firsthand.

For those eager to indulge in the brand’s offerings, Royal Muse By Sukhman products are available for purchase through their Instagram and WhatsApp handles. Additionally, the flagship store, located at 453, Akash Avenue, Fatehgarh Churian Road, Amritsar, welcomes patrons from Monday to Saturday, between 11 am to 6 pm.

With a pricing range catering to various preferences, Royal Muse By Sukhman ensures accessibility without compromising on quality:

Casual Wear: Rs. 7,000 -15,000
Semi-Formal: Rs. 15,000 – 80,000
Bridal: Rs. 1,00,000-2,50,000
For further inquiries and updates, customers can connect with Royal Muse By Sukhman via Instagram @royalmusebysukhman or contact them at +91 98722 43463 / 734-0858784.

Experience the epitome of regal elegance with Royal Muse By Sukhman, where heritage meets haute couture.

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