June 25, 2024

Sumit Majumdar, Journey of a Bengali boy towards the world of Digital Marketing and Brand Building

Sumit Majumdar

Sumit Majumdar

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Teenagers nowadays are very much fascinated by the word ‘Entrepreneurship’. But do we see the struggle behind what it takes to be a Serial Entrepreneur?

When other boys or girls plan weekends for the party, an entrepreneur does plan of scaling up his/her startup. When others enjoy holidays, he/she works for giving the best service to the clients. Other persons of this age save money for partying on weekends, and he/she saves for future investments.

Even if he/she is facing a tough time in his personal life, no time to think about it because he/she must take responsibility of the entire team. No fixed time of working, No fixed place of work. No holiday, no festivals. Yes, this is an entrepreneur and it’s Entrepreneurship. Let us appreciate the demanding work of every Entrepreneur who is working day and night for establishing his/her Startup. More power to every entrepreneur. Here is the journey of Sumit Majumdar, Director & Founder of 3S Marketing Venture.

He studied Journalism and Mass Communication at Adamas University Kolkata, he, is a serial entrepreneur and has his brand name 3S Marketing Venture, which is a digital marketing agency in Kolkata. They provide 360-degree digital marketing support to brands and formerly he was General Manager & Content Creator of The Kolkata Buzz which is the largest city portal of Kolkata. His journey in this digital marketing field is out of curiosity.

From the very first time, he thought that people waste time on social media. Especially when he started as a teenager, boys and girls of his age spend an hour on Facebook and Instagram. Out of, nowhere he thought to explore social media more. Gradually he started researching what is the thing is needed to build a career via social media, and how the pages work.

He also got the award for ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2022’ from the Indian Awaz Foundation, Assam.
2 years back, he thought of exploring the field more and he joined Instagram pages at that time and worked for six months. After that, he joined The Kolkata Buzz which is one of the biggest pushes toward his entrepreneurship journey. Sumit said “Joining The Kolkata Buzz was the best decision of my life as whatever I learned till now being an entrepreneur, most of it came when I was in The Kolkata Buzz.

Anubhav bhaiya (Founder of The Kolkata Buzz) helped me a lot with his years of experience and guidance”. Later, Sumit founded his venture named 3S Marketing Venture. Sumit said, “When I decided to make my agency, Anubhav Mukherjee, Founder of The Kolkata Buzz, guided me so much and indeed made me learn how an agency works”.

Recently in October 2022, Sumit along with one of his close friends Akash Das founded a new venture named Print Access. Sumit also said “to be a successful entrepreneur ‘consistency’ is one of the most important things. And you must have strong self-belief in what you are doing. You must be a good leader, not the boss.”

Traveling is also a passion of Sumit. Sumit said, “Yes, I am an avid traveler and whenever I get breaks in my hectic schedule, I go to explore new places. Being a traveler, I always love to know more about different cultures and the different lifestyle habits of people residing in that region. He was nominated as Travel Influencer in LuxuryDot.PR Awards 2022. Recently he started his second venture in the travel industry as CEO of Golden Dragon Tours & Travels.

Lastly, Sumit said, “Support from my mom and dad was very necessary to reach where I am today, and also the one who never fails to support me, inspires me even in my worst days is Tapaswini. She stood behind always giving that support and courage. Thanks to Mahul Brahma sir who is the Dean of Media and Communication department, Adamas University for his immense support. Without my amazing team members, this journey is incomplete. For all aspiring entrepreneurs and people who want to peruse their dreams, do not fear to take the first step towards the long run of achieving your goal”.

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