May 27, 2024

U.S Art Gallery Announces Winners of the RAJA RAVI VARMA INTERNATIONAL Online Prize Money Art Exhibition:

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The U.S Art Gallery, founded by entrepreneur and influencer Upasana Sarma, recently concluded the highly anticipated RAJA RAVI VARMA Online Prize Money Art Exhibition 2023. This event brought together artists from 18 states, as well as international participants, showcasing their talent and creativity on a global platform.

Upasana Sarma, known for her remarkable achievements in the arts and entertainment industry, established the U.S Art Gallery as an Instagram page dedicated to promoting unrecognized artists. The platform quickly gained worldwide recognition, attracting submissions from artists across the globe. Over time, the U.S Art Gallery has evolved into a prominent institution that fosters cultural exchange and artistic expression, with participants spanning Eleven countries.

The RAJA RAVI VARMA INTERNATIONAL Prize Money Art Exhibition featured an array of talented artists who captivated the judges with their exceptional artworks. Following a rigorous evaluation process, the winners were announced, with the top winners listed below:

Top Winners in Senior Category:

  • Dr. Juni Menon
  • Pallavi Asish
  • Dr. Chhaya Kumari
  • K.Ravi Manyu
  • Dr. Yatindra Mahobe
  • Dr. Subrata Chatterjee
  • Rachita Negi
  • Jayashri Sharma
  • Dibyasimha Behera
  • Dr. Rahul Ballav
  • Rachana Suraj
  • Shridhar Jadhav
  • Minal Prashant Patil
  • Sabumon M.S
  • Pradipkumar Doshi
  • Dr. (Hon) Haripriya Narshimha
  • Dr. Jakirhusen
  • Jaspreet Mohan Singh
  • Dr. Kanchan Kumari
  • Ami Lakhani
  • Supriyo Som
  • Sathya Narayanan M

Top Winners in Junior Category:

  • Akhil Sharma
  • Bijoy Singha
  • Radhod Akshitaba
  • Prajakta Kachchhi
  • Sakshi Sachin Shirode
  • Ankith Sharma
  • Somesh Kumar
  • Arun Shankar Pawar
  • Om Navin
  • Ranga Sanjana
  • Prachiti Ankush
  • Sarvesha Das
  • Darshan K.
  • Swarangi Vikramh

Best Creativity:

  • Suchitra Nath
  • Puja Ghosh
  • Mohit Verma

Best International Artist:

The announcement of these results signifies the exceptional artistic talent that was displayed throughout the exhibition. Artists like A.D. SIVANYA, Aarna Uppal, Akshada Saxena, Akshanth Raj, Dhevashree, Anuja Dattaram Mirgule, Apeksha Abhyankar, Barkha Saini, Kritika Santosh Lashkar, Mrunal Rahul Kamble, Nuha Nawas, Parth Ramkrishna Kadam, Pradnya Sutar, Priti Acchallu, Priyanka Kumari, RAM KRISHNA AGRAWAL, Rohit Prabhakar Pawar, RUPKATHA SARKAR, Sanjana Amarnath Baniya, Sarrvajeet, Shashwati Prajapati, Jyothisha A, Shraddha Kashinath Bhor, Shridhar Jadhav, Tanvi Prakash Ghadi, and Vetukuri Parnitha contributed to the rich tapestry of artistic expression and cultural diversity during the exhibition.

The U.S Art Gallery’s RAJA RAVI VARMA INTERNATIONAL Prize Money Art Exhibition not only provided a platform for artists to showcase their skills but also celebrated the power of artistic expression and fostered a sense of cultural exchange. The success of the event highlights Upasana Sarma’s vision and dedication to supporting artists from all walks of life. As the winners receive their well-deserved recognition, their artworks continue to inspire and evoke emotions, further solidifying the U.S Art Gallery’s position as a prominent platform in the art world.

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