April 12, 2024

Vinay Bohra, Founder of Rivi Hacks, Exposed Criminals Behind Major Cyber Scam During Live Training Session!

Vinay Bohra, Rivi Hacks,
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In a groundbreaking live training session, Vinay Bohra, the esteemed Founder of Rivi Hacks and a seasoned cybercrime investigator, took centre stage to expose the culprits behind a major cyber scam. With a rich background working alongside law enforcement agencies such as Mumbai police, Rajasthan police, and Himachal police, Vinay Bohra has become a trusted expert in the domain of cybersecurity. His commitment to the cause extends to training thousands of students across India, collaborating with various educational institutes, schools, and colleges.

Vinay Bohra’s expertise stems from his extensive work with law enforcement, where he has actively contributed to cybercrime investigations. His dedication to education and training has empowered a new generation of cybersecurity professionals, equipping them with the skills needed to combat evolving digital threats.

Rivi Hacks stands as a prominent cybersecurity organization, specializing in addressing cybercrime, piracy, and providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. With a focus on staying ahead of the curve, Rivi Hacks is committed to creating a safer digital environment through cutting-edge practices and knowledge dissemination.

The live training session spanned ten days, delving deep into various aspects of cybersecurity to arm participants with practical skills and strategic insights.

Day 1: Complete Computer Networking
The foundation was laid with a comprehensive exploration of computer networking, establishing the groundwork for understanding the intricacies of cyber systems.

Day 2: Website Architecture & Linux Operating System
Participants delved into the core elements of website architecture and the Linux operating system, crucial components in comprehending cybersecurity landscapes.

Days 3-7: Different Web Hacking Attacks, Practical Case Studies, Precautions & Mitigation Techniques
The training intensified as attendees engaged in hands-on experiences with different web hacking attacks. Practical case studies provided real-world insights, coupled with discussions on precautions and mitigation techniques to ensure complete website security.

Day 8: Different Ways To Earn Money Using Web Hacking + Strategy To Get A High Paying Job
Vinay Bohra shared valuable insights into leveraging web hacking skills for financial gain and provided a strategic roadmap for securing high-paying jobs in the cybersecurity industry.

Day 9: Secret Strategy For Freelancers/Business to Get Clients Without Marketing, in Lakhs Profit Blueprint, Guaranteed!
The session took a unique turn as Bohra unraveled secret strategies for freelancers and businesses to attract clients without conventional marketing. A blueprint for guaranteed profit in the lakhs was revealed.

Day 10: Web Investigation, Solving Live Cyber Crime Case
The culmination of the training involved a practical exploration of web investigation, where participants actively solved a live cybercrime case. This hands-on experience underscored the practical application of the skills acquired throughout the training.

Vinay Bohra’s live training session not only empowered participants with cutting-edge cybersecurity knowledge but also demonstrated the practical relevance of these skills in solving real-world cyber threats. As cyber threats continue to evolve, initiatives like these play a crucial role in creating a resilient and knowledgeable community of cybersecurity professionals.

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