June 25, 2024

Youtuber Rajveer Shishodia collaborates with Social hiker to launch his Men’s grooming brand, “Desii gabru” .

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Renowned fitness influencer and YouTuber, Rajveer Shishodia ( Rajveer Fitness ) , is set to make waves in the grooming industry with the grand launch of “Desii Gabru,” a brand dedicated to men’s grooming essentials. This exciting venture is poised to redefine men’s self-care routines with a range of high-quality products designed to enhance their grooming experience.

The “Desii Gabru” product line features an array of grooming essentials, including beard products , hair products , skincare products all inspired by traditional Indian ingredients and grooming practices. These products are carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of today’s urban Indian men.

Rajveer :- I am overjoyed at the Desii Gabru launch. It’s a celebration of Indian masculinity and modern grooming. I am very  excited to see it resonate with men nationwide. A dream come true for Rajveer, he can’t wait to see Desii Gabru become a daily grooming essential for all Desii Gabrus out there!

Devansh :- I am very ecstatic about the Desii Gabru launch. Our hard work and meticulous planning have finally paid off. Seeing our vision materialize in Desii Gabru fills me with immense happiness. I look forward to the brand becoming a symbol of modern Indian masculinity and grooming excellence.

Desii Gabru’s launch is a testament to Rajveer Fitness’s commitment to offering high-quality, authentic products that cater to the diverse needs of the Indian market.

The brand’s focus on sustainability, ethical practices, and celebrating traditional values sets it apart in the grooming industry.

Desii Gabru is now available for purchase on the official website (www.desiigabru.com).

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