May 26, 2024
Litia sikwibele, Lord Deepa,
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Litia sikwibele, professionally known as Lord Deepa, is a renowned singer and digital marketer based in Zambia. During the initial stages of his career, he was recognized by the name Guy X Drew. Lord Deepa has gained recognition for his exceptional expertise in digital marketing and social media marketing.

Litia Sikwibele developed a passion for music due to his deep admiration for emo-rap. Raised by his grandmother until her unfortunate passing, he faced animosity from various family members without any justifiable cause. His childhood was marked by immense challenges, as he revealed in an interview that he has overcome numerous obstacles to reach his current position.

In the year 2021, Lord Deepa embarked on collaborations with various artists, exclusively focusing on international talents. Notably, he collaborated with Nigerian artists, resulting in one of his most significant achievements.

Although he had promised his fans new music in 2023, unforeseen circumstances prevented its release. However, in October of that year, he assured his followers that he would commence the release of fresh tracks the following year, emphasizing his dedication to a crucial ongoing project.

Lord Deepa exemplifies an individual who possesses a multitude of talents but chooses to concentrate solely on endeavors that ignite his passion. For him, it is all about pursuing his true passions.

Despite the hardships he faced, Lord Deepa managed to release a plethora of music in 2022. This period marked a particularly active phase in his career, as he successfully earned over $11k during that year.

Lord Deepa to release more music…

Lord Deepa rose to fame because of he’s unique beats he drops on Spotify and SoundCloud, Though he’s he’s a singer, hes a digital marketer and a social media expert.

Lord Deepa said in an interview that, despite having many talents, he will forcus on music and digital marketing.

According to the story, Lord Deepa didn’t have all the tools he needed for he’s content but rumor has it that he now has everything he needs to start creating content again and better content than ever.

He took some time off, to forcus on digital marketing but he said he wants to do two things at a time which means that, he is returning to music this year, he was very active last year he said he wants to be more active than ever and he thinks it would be good for he’s career.

One of Lord Deep’s releases featured some famous singers around the world, with 2 singers from Nigeria,  he didn’t make content with local artists, the reason is still unknown, he’s single gang shii from 2022 gained alot of streams making it one of he’s greatest works together with the famous hit litia volume 1 release years ago. Some of Lord Deep’s releases does feature some more emo, trap and rock sounds.

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