June 25, 2024

Parameshwar Hivrale turn to Director

Parameshwar Hivrale Director

Parameshwar Hivrale Director

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Parameshwar Hivrale has waited for ages to make his debut as director. After doing a course in filmmaking in Maharashtra, he made attempts, but destiny had other plans. As Parameshwar Hivrale got back-to-back movies as an actor, he continued to do movies. As of now, He did several movies as a hero, including Chiru godavalu,Jathiya Rahadari, Lavanya With Love Boys. ,Daari , Kumari 18+ , Aakasha Deshana,etc.

Took break for his acting career, Parameshwar Hivrale is now making his directorial debut with a Pan India movie. It’s a biopic of people’s leader Gummadi Narasaiah. The director says, “I will always be very thankful to my previous Directors and Producers who believed and encouraged me. Apart from acting past few years, my initial focus and passion was always towards Direction. I always was fixated of taking a valuable subject which will be useful for the society in knowing the actual reality of life. In this process I have gone through many books, stories etc, but always felt, that these might not be the complete truth. Reason being that the said real stories in books might have taken few writers additives etc for the publishment purpose. So, while I was in quest for the actual realistic things / events which were crossing my sight, while staying in this journey, have come across being stuck to a very interesting yet thought provoking but a very small paper article. which when scanned thoroughly had took my keen interest to know about this sleflless and people’s person Mr. GUMMADI NARASAIAH. and then the ignition to my research turned out to inferno. ”

Parameshwar hivrale also reveals he did intense research to lock the script. “We spent close to 2 years on the script and finalized

For the starters, Gummadi Narsaiah is an Indian politician and who was a member of the Legislative Assembly for Yellandu between 1983-1994 and 1999-2009, elected as an Independent. He has earned a reputation among members in the constituency as a people’s man.

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